Electronic products designed, built and tested to survive.

An automobile can generally be expected to run about 100,000 miles, or an average of 2,500 hours, before problems arise. Provided the automobile is well-maintained and not abused.

By comparison, heavy-duty equipment engines are larger, more electronically complex and often operated in extreme electrical and environmental conditions. The electronics in this type of machinery must be durable enough to withstand such harsh treatment. 10G sets design targets to a minimum of 10,000 hours (for displays) to 20,000 hours (for non-display electronics) under intense and rigorous working conditions.

From production to implementation, our products are designed and tested to survive unpredictable and punitive conditions such as extreme heat, cold, chemicals, corrosives, moisture- even submersion, reverse charges and high voltage spikes. Why? Because that's reality in the heavy-duty industry. And, because you need to rely on your equipment's electronic displays, controllers and communication systems to work- despite the environment.


Wired for excellence from concept to production.
6-Sigma Product development is the initial phase in a product's life cycle. It is here where designs are created, tested, and perfected to meet varying customer needs and performance requirements. Sound product development is vital to a product's durability and success in the field. That's why 10G uses the framework that 6-Sigma provides to execute a successful product development strategy- a strategy that results in a high quality product meeting all customer requirements at the lowest total cost.

How far do we take 6-Sigma at 10G? Ask any member of our development engineering team, who are all Green Belt certified as a minimum requirement.

State-of-the-art production line.
In addition to 6-Sigma methodology, we take quality to another level by automating most of our manufacturing processes. From 10G's state-of-the-art assembly line, testing on electronic products is performed throughout the process before each key value-added procedure.

From high speed vision systems that are used to sample circuit boards during production to in-circuit test equipment, automated end-of-line testers, and even thermal chambers, our products work when they come off the assembly line. Thanks to the battery of tests that 10G products are subjected to throughout assembly, our fallout rates are significantly below industry standard.

QS-9000 certified.
QS-9000 is an important, internationally recognized quality standard. 10G is committed to developing and manufacturing high quality products. To demonstrate our commitment to quality, we have formed a strategic partnership with The Morey Corporation who provides QS-9000 certified manufacturing processes.

QS-9000 includes additional quality system requirements specific to truck and automotive industry needs and calls for a more rigorous and comprehensive quality system audit than ISO 9000. The QS-9000 certification has become an important certification for many customers and provides a solid foundation for quality throughout the manufacturing process.

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