Hardened electronics at work in the heavy-duty industry.

Hardening is set of mechanical and electronic protections built into a design that helps guard the product from extreme environments. In an industry where engines are expected to be consistently productive in the harshest of conditions, protecting the electronic systems that monitor and support heavy-duty engine performance is paramount. By comparison to automobiles, heavy-duty equipment engines are larger, more electronically complex and often operated in extreme electrical and environmental conditions. The electronics in this type of machinery must be durable enough to withstand such harsh treatment. 10G sets design targets to a minimum of 10,000 hours (for displays) to 20,000 hours (for non-display electronics) under intense and rigorous working conditions.

How well does your car run at -40 degrees Celsius? Or how about when its dash panel is washed down with water? Cars aren't designed to operate in extreme conditions, but on-highway trucks, marine vessels and other heavy-duty equipment are. The electrical systems in heavy-duty engines must perform despite tough environments, unavoidable large voltage spikes and even charges from reverse connected batteries or other power devices.

Is hardening really that important? How many heavy-duty engines operate at room temperature and standard atmospheric pressure? Not many. Consider this. As the temperature rises during operation, the pressure in a sealed box also rises- naturally equalizing. An unsealed box allows gases to escape. As the temperature drops, a vacuum effect is then created in the unsealed box, drawing in dust, moisture and other contaminants leading to corrosion and eventual failure. Conversely, falling temperatures do not impact a sealed box which naturally accommodates pressure changes, allowing it to resist the same damaging dust, moisture and contaminants. Now, which one would you rather depend on?

Durability. Protection. You need it. We have it.

10G and hardened electronics.
10G sets the standard for hardened display and telematics systems. Leveraging a heritage of technology leadership in the heavy-duty industry along with superior engineering designs and a QS-9000 certified manufacturing facility, 10G is considered an expert in hardening electronics to survive in heavy-duty applications integrated with heavy-duty electrical systems.

Based on our experience in the industry and with complex electronic systems, our products are sealed to 5 psi (a special classification of IP68) and most can withstand up to 10 G's of vibration. We believe in this level of hardening for maximum reliability in all environmental and electronic conditions. Anything less and it's not a 10G product.


Telematics in the heavy-duty industry.
What do you get when you blend information technology with telecommunications? A valuable hybrid called telematics. Rapidly evolving in the automotive industry for the safety, security and convenience offered, telematics has also taken hold in the commercial vehicle and heavy-duty equipment markets. For these industries, telematics represents new opportunities to drive profits and reduce costs. For instance, linking on-board communication devices with off-board networks enables the availability of real time data on vehicle location and performance. Data that can be used to track important vehicle statistics to help manage commercial fleets and rental equipment. Data that can also help reduce service costs through remote diagnostics and early notification of critical service requirements.

But, what exactly is telematics? The on-board communication device? The communication method (Wi-Fi? Satellite?)? The display system for viewing and inputting data? It's really all of these, and it depends on the application. 10G has created flexible, scalable turnkey solutions to enable heavy-duty vehicles, equipment and marine vessels the level of communication they need on-board to get the job done. Additionally, 10G's telematics solutions were designed with efficient business management in mind. Whether it's insurance, fleet management or rentals, 10G's communication solutions can help drive efficiency and profits while reducing costs.

Experts in communication for heavy-duty equipment.
A clear leader in telematics for the heavy-duty industry, 10G's heritage as a pioneer in hardened electronics systems is driving a new standard for on-board devices that enables quick and seamless communication. 10G specializes in the unique applications and requirements of heavy-duty trucks, cranes, bulldozers, marine vessels and other heavy equipment. Leveraging their vast engineering resources, superior designs, and experience in the industry, 10G offers a variety of turnkey telematics solutions. Solutions that are scalable, flexible and mechanically hardened to withstand the elements. Solutions that incorporate display systems, Gateway on-board communication devices, and Wi-Fi (802.11b) or satellite technology. Solutions that help you manage your business and communicate in the toughest conditions.

Communication shouldn't be limited by the environment or the application. At 10G, we're still trying to find the limit.

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