Navigate through the toughest jobs with the right information at your fingertips.

A little dirt never hurt anything. But mud, soot, water, salt and extreme cold might pose a challenge for electrical systems. Not the Navigator. Designed with challenging applications in mind, like managing mine sites, the Navigator is the most advanced of 10G's displays. An Intel Pentium based display system, its 10.4" color transflective LCD ensures outstanding viewability in all lighting conditions from direct sunlight to complete darkness. Additionally, Navigator boasts infra-red touch screen technology for accepting input through gloved hands and a laminated, anti-glare, protective glass cover for scratch resistance and additional durability.

Like the other 10G displays, Navigator is hardened to withstand extreme conditions. How important is that? Ask the mining crews that work in dirt, dark, damp and chemicals on a daily basis to get the job done.

Reliable, durable, robust, intelligent. We couldn't imagine anything less.

  • Intelligent display system
    Navigator is the most specialized 10G display. 10G has integrated a 166 MHz Intel Pentium PC into a compact, hardened display system, creating the most powerful and comprehensive display system in its class.
  • Infra-red color touch screen
    Navigator's infra-red color touch screen is the direct interface to your machine's electronic system, allowing the operator to modify and control key engine parameters such as, engine idle speed, idle shutdown and hydraulic kickouts.
  • Versatile graphic display
    Navigator's graphical information display provides real-time operating data such as machine position or machine and engine vital statistics. Data can be retrieved from an existing data link that connects engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems and then displayed in gauges, graphics or text format.
  • Superior visibility
    Sporting the largest of the 10G LCDs, the Navigator offers a standard full VGA color graphics display with transflective technology and broad-range dimmable backlighting for superior clarity and color vividness at all light levels.
  • Navigate through the toughest conditions
    Designed and hardened for use in the toughest environments, Navigator is ideal for heavy-duty off road and marine environments, including mining applications. Covered with sulfur dust, soot, and chemical contaminants? Not a problem. Trudging through pits of molten metals? Not a problem. Dealing with high waters or a flood? Not a problem. Need a highly intelligent display and monitoring system that you can wipe off with your sleeve without scratching or use without taking off your gloves? Not a problem. You can rely on us for critical machine data, positioning and diagnostics to help you navigate through extreme environments and get the job done.
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