Enhance the value of your equipment. Got the message?

Highly featured and low cost, Messenger is one of the most versatile 10G driver information dashboard display systems. Ideal for on-highway trucks, marine vessels and even school buses, Messenger monitors and records fuel usage, trip data, diagnostic data and even acts as a theft deterrent. Messenger is also mechanically and electronically hardened to survive in the most extreme environmental and electronic conditions.

Compact, robust, versatile, durable. We couldn't imagine anything less.

  • Display real-time engine data and diagnostic information
    Messenger uses existing data links to display and record real-time performance and operating information while the vehicle is in use. Information can be displayed in multilingual text or graphical format.
  • Maximum fuel economy and engine performance
    Messenger graphically displays and records fuel usage and average miles per gallon, helping truck and marine vessel owners maximize fuel efficiency and engine performance.
  • Preventative maintenance and service alerts
    Messenger can be enabled to alert drivers and operators to preventative maintenance inspections and oil changes. Messenger also displays diagnostic codes indicating potentially serious engine problems.
  • Productivity tools and tracking
    Messenger provides lifetime totals, trip totals and driver totals- ideal for tracking productivity and return on investment.
  • Multiple inputs
    Messenger has 4 integral backlit operator inputs that can be used to modify parameters such as engine idle speed, idle shutdown time and hydraulic kickouts.
  • Rugged, hardened design
    Messenger works. Even in the harshest environmental conditions. Messenger, along with all of 10G's display and telematics products, is hardened against moisture entry to +/- 5 psi and up to 8G of vibration.
  • Maximum visibility at all light levels
    Messenger's full graphic information display system has a dimmable backlight and a transflective LCD that allows for excellent visibility in all lighting conditions ranging from direct sunlight to complete darkness.
  • Theft deterrent
    Secure your capital investment and your livelihood. Messenger functions as an effective theft deterrent by allowing control over engine start up and shut down via a 4-digit password that is entered into the display.
  • Flexible and customizable
    Messenger boasts a fully configurable graphics and menu structure for customization. Messenger's "Flash" memory can upgrade engines and is configurable for use in multiple applications.
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