The beginning of a new and innovative concept for
electric power customers.

Uniquely integrated into one highly featured unit, 10G's Genesys family of controllers represents an innovative concept in machine controllers. Genesys controllers give you the ability to manipulate key parameters while simultaneously displaying critical machine statistics and diagnostics.

A controller or a display system? How about both in one package.

  • A new family of controllers
    10G's Genesys family of controllers has a common control system platform and a common look and feel, but with a range of enhanced features to accommodate generators from 5 to 5500 kW for a variety of electric power customers.
  • Controller and display capabilities all in one unit
    Unlike typical engine controllers, the Genesys family has the ability to control engine parameters and display critical data. So, in addition to core controller function like monitoring the AC voltage or making throttle adjustments, Genesys has up to 56 MHz of processing power to accept inputs and display vital information that will monitor and manage the efficient operation of an electric generator.
  • Wide range of features and functionality
    Customizable for just about any heavy-duty generator application, the Genesys family of controller products ranges from the most economical model at 24 MHz of processing power and a smaller display screen up to an enhanced model that includes a larger screen, a 56 MHz processor, additional inputs and an additional data link.
  • Mechanically and electronically hardened
    Like 10G's display and telematics products, the Genesys family of controllers is hardened to withstand the harshest environmental and electronic conditions. Dirt, water, chemicals, voltage spikes, cold or heat. We test against all of the possible- and even remotely plausible- conditions. As the heartbeat of your generator, you can rest assured that the Genesys controllers will function reliably in the most challenging environments.
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