Be advised. Critical engine data is at your fingertips.

Robustly featured and specially designed with applications in mind for large track type tractors, marine vessels, backhoe loaders and locomotive engines, Advisor offers a flexible and scalable digital display that supports graphics and text with up to 10 multi-colored backlit input buttons.

Your heavy-duty equipment may be covered in dirt, clay, oil, corrosives, even molten metals. But it still works. Your barges may be unexpectedly forced under water. But they still work. Engine speed, ground speed, fuel consumption, and real time diagnostics are critical parameters to monitor- even through dirt, grime, water, heat and cold. Tough environments? You bet. Should your display system function in those conditions? You bet. Up to 5 psi, Advisor is mechanically hardened to survive in the most extreme environmental and electronic conditions. It works.

Compact, robust, scalable, reliable. We couldn't imagine anything less.

  • For all heavy-duty applications
    Advisor is a more specialized and versatile display system than its sibling, the Messenger. Robust and appropriate to support challenging operations such as trudging through landfills, digging in slag pits, or even pouring tar, Advisor was designed with tough, heavy-duty applications in mind for large track type tractors, marine vessels, backhoe loaders and locomotive engines. Advisor offers a flexible, digital display along with up to 10 integral input buttons.
  • Display and monitor real time engine data and diagnostic information
    Advisor provides real time operating information on parameters such as engine speed, ground speed and fuel consumption for heavy-duty engines and machines operating in adverse conditions.
  • Robust inputs and outputs
    Keep your finger on the pulse by leveraging Advisor's 10 integral operator inputs as an external keypad to modify basic parameters such as engine idle speed, idle shutdown time and hydraulic kickouts in addition to many other customer modifiable parameters.
  • Connected via existing data links or standalone
    Advisor displays information from a standard J1939 or ATA data link in multilingual text or graphical format. Engine or machine sensors can also be attached directly to Advisor to display basic engine data and allow Advisor to function as a standalone display system.
  • Real time diagnostics to reduce downtime and service expenses
    Advisor can log diagnostic information and display it without connecting to a laptop allowing for greater preventive maintenance opportunities that keep your machines running and productive.
  • Familiar operator interface
    Advisor boasts a robust, yet familiar operator interface. Easy to view and easy to use, Advisor's larger LCD can display digital images of graphics and gauges in addition to other important operating and diagnostic data.
  • Visibility and durability
    No need to remove your sunglasses. From direct sunlight to complete darkness, Advisor is designed to provide superior viewability. In addition to the transflective LCD, Advisor's viewing area is protected by a glass lens to eliminate polarization, scratches, and abrasions.
  • Color LED indicators for critical status information at a glance
    The standard Advisor features multi-color LED indicators, ideal for alerting the machine or vehicle operator of success- or the need to make adjustments for a successful operation. Whether it's ensuring that a backhoe is on grade, or feeding critical data to a fire engine responding to an emergency, the color indicators, positioned behind the 10 input buttons, advise of critical status information at a glance.
  • Hardened for superior reliability
    Advisor works. Even at -40 degrees Celsius. Functioning properly in the coldest of conditions, 10G Advisor will even survive if submersed in up to 15 feet of water. That's because 10G has mechanically and electronically hardened Advisor to withstand moisture entry to 5 psi and to survive vibrations up to 9.8G. Advisor also has an internal heater that allows full functionality- even at -40 degrees Celsius.
  • Scalable to accommodate a range of specialized applications and needs
    From mono to color, from five inputs to ten, 10G has established a technology path for Advisor to meet a variety of heavy-duty needs and applications. Advisor can be configured with as few as 5 input buttons and as many as 10. The standard configuration has 10 input buttons and an internal heater. Noise alerts may also be added for emergency applications.